Leadership and Consulting

Dr. Ross Nelson is highly interested in transforming the outpatient mental health delivery system. This interest is shaped by the surprisingly inconsistent utilization of evidence-based practice combined with the high prevalence of mental illness and stigma.  Meanwhile, poor access continues to grow as well as a lack of knowledge for more modern methods to better manage psychological health.

Most recently, Ross served as the manager of the Behavioral Health Program for Crossover Health, overseeing the company’s mental health strategy, innovation and program development, operations, hiring/training top evidence-based providers, and supporting the scale/growth of the integrated healthcare system. Therapists in the organization provide onsite therapy at employers’ corporate headquarters (and nearby) at several locations across the country. Crossover Health serves employees of over 20 Fortune 500 companies.

Ross also provides consultation services and advisement to support digital mental health mobile apps and innovative healthcare companies in delivering evidence-based care, establishing strategic priorities, and improving business efficiency.

Ross has been a cutting-edge and technology enthusiast since childhood. His excitement for integrating innovation and technology into psychology evolved in graduate school where he completed his dissertation studying the impact of emerging technologies on clinical practice. He evaluated the current trends and the future direction of innovative technologies involving direct patient care. His findings sparked his excitement toward both digital health (mobile apps) and video/virtual care (teletherapy).

Let’s Talk.

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