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Online Video and In-Person Therapy Through All of Life's Challenges

Are you experiencing anxiety, stress, depression, career difficulties, panic attacks, health or COVID-19 anxiety, relationship problems, or other mental health or life challenge?

Dr. Ross Nelson is an expert in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and offers online (video) therapy sessions to California residents and in-person sessions in Palo Alto, CA.

Expert Training and Experiences

Dr. Nelson has trained and worked in a variety of healthcare settings including Kaiser Permanente, VA Hospital, and onsite providing therapy at large Silicon Valley technology companies.  He has worked in private practice for the last 3 years offering in-person (in Palo Alto, CA) and online video therapy.  He also has received specialized training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from world-renowned expert, Dr. David Burns at Stanford University.

Outside of work, Dr. Nelson loves traveling, spending time with his wife, friends, and family, playing golf, skiing, watching live sports, attending concerts, and enjoying the Bay Area cuisine.

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