Hi I’m Ross!

I’m a forward-thinking Clinical  Psychologist specializing in offering effective and efficient therapy.  Additionally, I’m devoted to shaping and scaling next-generation mental healthcare systems. 

I’m keenly aware of the problems mental health can have on your life. More importantly…I’m here to help!

A Bit More

About Ross…

Dr. Ross Nelson (he’s comfortable with you calling him Ross) is a licensed Clinical Psychologist in the San Francisco Bay Area with over 12 years’ experience working across diverse healthcare settings. As a result of his training, experience, mentors, and his curiosity, Ross has developed an expertise in providing evidence-based clinical therapy for a variety of common life and career stressors.  Additionally, he has immersed himself in leadership and consultation in the behavioral health field.


Ross specializes in offering Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for the treatment of a number of life issues, including job burnout, career stress, anxiety, imposter syndrome, self-confidence, obsessive-compulsive disorder, perfectionism, phobias, panic disorder, depression, and relationship problems.

Ross is currently accepting therapy clients including confidential live video (telehealth) sessions for California residents.

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Leadership & Consulting

In addition to clinical practice, Ross has a passion for leadership, consulting, and entrepreneurship in the behavioral health field. As an advocate for the adoption of evidence-based care and the future of next-generation healthcare, Ross is experienced in both vetting and delivering innovative treatment (i.e. live video/teletherapy and digital health/mobile apps), generating creative solutions for population health, as well as building effective and efficient mental healthcare systems. He is also focused on solving mental health access, reducing stigma, improving quality of care, and leveraging big data in healthcare.

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Let’s Talk.

Interested in contacting Ross for therapy, consultation, speaking, or something else? He would love to hear from you!